Citalopram 10mg

Citalopram 10mg

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Citalopram 10mg , 20mg & 40mg Tablets Citalopram hydrobromide

Read all of this leaflet carefully before you start taking this medicine because it contains important information for you . Citalopram Tablets treat depression and anxiety disorders but they will not work straight away . Like all medicines , it can have side

It is important that you and your doctor talk about the benefits and the possible unwanted effects of the medicine before you start taking it . • Citalopram Tablets must be taken with care by children or teenagers under 18. ( See Section 2 on page 3 ) . Citalopram Tablets will not work straight away . You may feel worse before feeling better after starting the medicine . Your doctor should ask to see you again 2 or 3 weeks after you first start taking the medicine . Tell your doctor if you feel no better . ( See Section 3 on page 5 ) . • Some people with depression or anxiety think of harming or killing themselves . If you have any of these thoughts , see your doctor or go to a hospital straight away . 



Clonazolam is a research chemical

Benzodiazepine used for recreational purposes and for anxiety, insomnia, and muscle tension. It is a very potent substance with a common dose of 0.25 to 0.4 mg. Clonazolam is known for being a particularly sedating benzodiazepine, especially at higher doses. It may also be more euphoric or mood-elevating than average. 


Before You Try : Clonazolam ( Brief Overview ) 

Positive Effects of  Clonazolam

• Anxiety reduction ( anxiolysis )

• Mood lift

• Euphoria 

• Muscle relaxation 

• Sedation 

• Increased talkativeness Unconsc

Negative Effects of  Clonazolam

Amnesia ( memory loss ) 



Impaired coordiñation 



Cognitive impairment


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